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Tape Machine: Shake my hand. Lila. Shake my hand. (x)

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A bit of Woyzeck and a secret map from Robs last fool yesterday.

once upon a time there was a poor little boy who had no father or mother. everything was dead, and there was nobody left in the whole wide world. everything was dead, and he went away and searched day and night. and because there was nobody left on earth he thought he’d go up to heaven. and the moon looked at him so kindly! but when he reached the moon he found it was a piece of rotten wood. and then he went to the sun, and when he reached the sun he found it was a withered sunflower. and when he came to the stars they were little golden gnats that a shrike had stuck on a blackthorn. and when he wanted to go back to earth, the earth was an upturned pot. and he was all alone. and he sat down and cried, and he’s still there, all alone.

from woyzeck by georg büchner (via iammmtheocean)


A friendly reminder of how fucking cool it is that the original cast of Sleep No More Boston included Sarah Dowling (Lady Macbeth), Conor Doyle (Witch), Hector Harkness (Malcolm), Rob McNeill (Macduff), Fernanda Prata (Witch), and Vinicius Salles (Banquo).

These names used to be completely abstract to me, and now all I can think is how insane it would have been to see Rob McNeill as Macduff…

Photo credits to Stephen Dobbie (aka awesome music dude) and Lindsay Nolin

ETA: Sarah Dowling was Lady Macbeth obviously, sorry for typo

Punchdrunk - LILA

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